Lucero Enríquez Rubio

Instituto de Investigaciones Estéticas/Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Soloist harpsichordist (Amsterdamsch Conservatorium, Gustav Leonhardt), specialized  in Baroque music (Eduard van Beinum Stichting), PhD in History of Art (FFyL-UNAM), Full time-tenure researcher (IIE-UNAM), harpsichord and thoroughbass teacher (FaM-UNAM). Coordinator of the Seminar on Music in New Spain and Independent Mexico and the  “Musicat Project” ( Research lines: historical musicology, art history, cultural history (New Spain, 16th and 18th centuries). Recent publications: “Mentality and artistic praxis: two Novo-hispanic study cases “, Revista de musicología XXXIII, Madrid, 2010; “From hermeneutics to impudence”, in Creation, function and reception of the emblematic, Zamora, The Colegio de Michoacán, 2012; “Form, content and politics in an ode of Ignacio Jerusalem”, in Global Musicology. Local Musicology, SEdeM, Madrid, 2013. Her book A warehouse of secrets. Painting, Pharmacy, Illustration: Puebla, 1797, Mexico, IIE-UNAM, 2012, obtained in 2013 the first prize of the National Chamber of the Mexican Publishing Industry in the category of art books. The National Autonomous University of Mexico granted the Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz 2014 Award and the National University Award in the area of Research in Arts in 2016.